The Essence of Creativity, Incubating the Value of Design

Good ideas reduce problems into their simplest forms and use unparalleled insight to refine the product’s unmatchable charm. Good designs solve problems by deep contemplation at all levels, integrating the cross-discipline diversity of our generation’s design techniques. So Young designers are like vividly colorful newly-laid eggs, incubating the value of design through original creativity as well as bringing unlimited inspiration and beauty to the future of the world.

Exhibiton Design

The So Young Creativity Exhibition has collected award-winning works from Taiwan's next generation designers from the iF, Red Dot, IDEA and Yodex design awards. The exhibition area is divided into the four main categories of “Product Design,” “Graphic Design,” “Arts and Crafts Design,” and “Digital Animation.” In addition to exhibiting the designers’ work, we also show sketches and display boards of the designers’ creativity incubation process, allowing viewers to wander into the world of the creative designers’ thoughts and seeing the essence of the creativity.

Exhibited Works

We are looking forward to the So Young Creativity Exhibition being able to inspire even more creativity in our society and continuing to incubate high-quality ingenuity and design!

Key Visual Design