TU Delft Meets Taiwan Tech

Not long after National Taiwan University of Science and Technology received the the glory of the best Asia-Pacific university for design from Red Dot Design Award, this winter, the "Cultural-Creative Design Workshop" organized by NTUST's invited TU Delft, a renowned European design academy, to join the workshop events with NTUST students.
As the largest industrial technology school in Netherlands and one of the top universities in Europe, TU Delft University of Technology's academic departments cover all engineering sciences. The works of multinational students are as follows:

Gold Prize

The gold-award winner "Daily-see-us" was designed according to the Chinese table manners. It contains the day-to-day eating taboos with ink expression of classic Chinese paintings, and uses semantic conversion in the exterior design of the tableware. In the work we can see the taboos such as chopsticks knocking on the bowl, pointing people with chopsticks, leftover food in the bowl, mouth touching the bowl, and the generational dining order. The new type of tableware and the combined images are expected to help children and foreign visitors to understand Eastern table manners and the concept of respecting food. Further, we hope to promote the rules and spirit in Taiwan's food culture.

Silver Prize

The silver-award winner "Design of the Wan-Story" is a set of green tableware designed for Taiwan night market snack bars. With the printed traditional Taiwanese blessing patterns, the customers are hinted to stack the dishes in order to see the full pattern. This way, it saves the cleaning time for the snack bars and keeps the table more organized for a better dining environment for next customers.

Bronze Prize

The bronze-award winner "Yi Cha Dao" follows the theme of foreigners traveling to Taiwan. To promote the cooperation with local Home Hotel, the "Earthtree" hotel bath set is created. By using the accommodation supplies that meet Taiwan characters and the concept of earth-tree, the travelers are able to understand the culture of Taiwan while enjoying a wonderful green journey.

Bronze Prize

The SUM SUM is another bronze-award winning work. When foreign travelers visit Taiwan they usually tend to experience the local culture by visiting temples. However, we found that most of the foreign travelers can't do more than taking pictures or wondering around due to the lack of English instructions or explanations. They often feel lost without knowing how to worship the Gods or how to use the incense, lots container or amulets. Now they can rent the product SUM SUM at the entrance of temples which was designed to assist them truly experience the temple culture of Taiwan. The product was designed with the imagery of traditional Chinese compass and shape of divination blocks. In addition, the product itself is sustainable and reusable.

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