Smart Platform Applications System

The goal of this system is to service well-known international applications systems vendors, such as those for the Windows Store App, the App Store (iOS), and Android. Through the establishment of an approval mechanism as well as usage instructions, a complete standard process for design will be proposed and a win-win cooperation mechanism between industry and academia established.

Healthy Living for the Elderly

Through the cross-discipline integration of global medical care, and creative design teams, we are engaging in combining the experimental and practical aspects of health care, medical care, recovery, and passports for Elderly Healthy Living demonstration area planning; the goal is to find the indicators for healthy living for the elderly and elderly society, and to use those indicators to establish advanced design guidelines for future healthy living that will benefit all of society.

Interactive Sensory Laboratory

The Interactive Sensory Laboratory (D-PAL) is a “cross-discipline” research team composed of faculty from the three major fields of industrial design, commercial design, and information design of our school’s Industrial and Business Design Department. On a foundation of creative research and creative design, the design requirements of the user and the observer will be researched, and aesthetic design that touches the user and interacts with the observer developed.

Art that Interacts with Technology

MaxMsp, iOS, and Arduino open source hardware technologies are combined to integrate concept, information, and Sensory to comprehensively develop “cross-discipline” artistic creations and interactive digital products. This service targets int'l arts exhibitions, interactive spaces, performing arts, and entertainment industry.

Integrated Marketing and Services Design

Workshops are jointly held with internationally renowned design institutions or multinational corporations. In addition, world-class competitions, exhibitions, and seminars are actively participated in to display our design accomplishments to the international media as well as publicists, thereby sharing our accomplishments on the global stage and promoting exchange with international industries, governments, and academia.

Commercialization and Productization of Research Patents and IP

A research team focusing on the development of advanced products, products that apply new technologies, UX and UI digital interface design, and cultural creativity industry products will be formed, with their research accomplishments being commercialized and productized, and sold to vendors who are interested in their sales through technology transfers. Or, the school may engage in their sale as well.

Design Libery

Establish a professionally designed reading platform that has a collection of the latest domestic and international design books, and form cross-industry partnerships with domestic and international publishers with contents including: the visual arts, conveying of messages, packaging, products, digital multimedia, interactive interfaces, exhibition spaces, and architecture, etc., and establishing Commatrix to become the newest design trend and the highest design principle for design at Taiwan Tech.

Engineering Index

In order to establish the authoritative symbolism in academia for Taiwan Creative Maternal, we actively contribute to the technology journal EI. Combining more than 2,000 kinds of the latest theories from technology periodicals with design practices, we built interdisciplinary knowledge integration platform.