100 National Conference of University and College Presidents

Due to the social changes in the new century, internationalization and education industry has become important trends for the development of higher education in most countries. The future development of the country is also in urgent need to carry out a new look and new thinking of the era through educational innovations and an overall breakthrough. To be seen by the world, we must nurture creative talents and promote industrial upgrading. Entrusted by the Ministry of Education, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology held the 2011 Academic Year "National Conference of Presidents of College Institutions" on December 20th, 2011. The conference took "Innovative Nation, diverse excellence" as the theme, and invited top professions from domestic academia and industry to deliver keynote speeches. The conference was expected to share the high-quality educational experience and specific practices through keynote speeches, group discussions and practice touring. By the pragmatic innovative spirit, we hope to strengthen the soft power of education, shape the new vision of higher education and further enhance the overall competitiveness of the country.

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