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Archives Vs Media - A fusion in art and design

Creative workshop with archives being transformed by new media, all the way from ARTCHIVIUMlab

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Design for Asia Award

Emptiness and Fullness was won by Design for Asia Award 2012.

Taiwan International Design Competition

Balance Hook got a merit prize in Taiwan International Design Competiton 2012.

Summer Design Workshop 2012

Taiwan University of Science and Technology’s Art Center International Design Workshop! The best in the world meets the best of the United States!

Braun Prize 2012

In Out Bottle was awarded by Braun Prize 2012.

Winter Design Workshop 2012

The winter design workshop invites TU Delft University to join us!

Red Dot Concept Award 2011

Red Hazard Turning Light was awarded by Red Dot Concept Award 2011.

Low Carbon Design Workshop 2011

When the trend of low carbon hit earth, the Taiwan Tech meets Rochester Institute of Technology.