To the low-carbon future! 2011 low-carbon design workshops of China, Taiwan, and U.S.A.

With low carbon design as the topic, the workshop invited Professor Alex Lobos, the design director of American GE and Professor of Rochester Institute of Technology, and excellent design students from China, Taiwan and Hong Kong which include Shanghai Tongji University, Jiangnan University, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, National University of Singapore, and Hong Kong Polytechnic University.
The purpose of the workshop is to brainstorm about energy-saving and low-pollution products to achieve the goal of low carbon world. At the same time, the participating students gain further understanding about green design through the combination of theories and practical operations, which is expected to develop a greater creativity.

Gold Prize

The gold-award winner "Create. Me" helps the users to prolong the lifetime of their mobile phones and at the same time provides fresh looks to the old phones. "Create. Me" makes the recycling and appearance changing easier for the user. Its minimized wrapping paper is printed with instructions on top; the material of the phone was recyclable plastic and the user will learn how to recycle the modulated parts when alternate them without throwing the whole phone away. In addition, with the multiple layers of special ink, users who like to change their tastes can easily change the look of the phone by scraping, tearing, or by the change of the temperature.

Silver Prize

Silver-award winner "STICK GREEN" is a sticker-type mobile phone which was created to solve the problems caused by high replacement rate of mobile phones such as short lifetime of products, waste of materials, difficulties in recycling massive wasted mobile phones and other pollution issues. The phone thickness was reduced by 3mm, thanks to AMOLED technology, STICK GREEN is only 1/3 thick as iPhone and it is soft and bendable. The reduction of volume will lower the consumption of resources and spaces during transport process. Moreover, when shopping in the store, the customer will need to buy only "a sheet" of mobile phone which includes modulated screen, number bottoms, keyboard, microphone, earphones, camera lens and energy-saving sensors; all these functions can be tore and used in accordance with customers' needs.

Bronze Prize

The bronze-award winner CaCha is a mobile phone using innovative usage pattern which will break the stereotype of how people deal with the second-hand mobile phones. By simple disassembling steps, CaCha will transform into beloved lomo camera and at the same time accomplish the preliminary classification of the components. This helps to prevent the production of toxic substances caused by improper trash classification in the recycling process.

As mobile phones are launched rapidly, people tend to change their mobile phones while most of its functions are fine and ignore the classification of the parts during recycle processes. Therefore we hope to bring new life to the phone by recombination. When the users are reassembling the phones they are also classifying the inner parts, by which they are reducing the toxic substances during the metal refining process. Plus, the users are able to enjoy the fun assembling their own camera. Let's enjoy the fun of "old mobile, new lomo"!

Bronze Prize

The bronze-award winner "Upcycle" gives your laptop a second life, or even more than that! When the users want to throw their laptop away, there is a place to go: laptop stores with recycling service station, which provides two types of services for recycling your laptop. First, they may directly recycle or reuse the laptop for a new one. Second, the shop assistant may quickly disassemble the laptop, and change its parts into another product; the user gets to bring it home! Most of the laptop users are office workers, professionals, and students, who can't work without stationery; the products include pushpins, magnets, bookmarks, small blackboards, calendars, rulers, tape sets and so on.