The 2011 Global Science Forum, hosted by National Science Council, gathered authorities from 31 countries of various scientific fields for a vigorous conference in Taipei, Taiwan.  This two-day event, required of lengthy planning and detailed execution, contracted National Taiwan University of Science and Technology for the planning and designing of a visual identity system that included: stage displays, reception displays, press conference displays, invitation letters, conference booklets, bags, signs, letterhead ,envelope, etc.  The design concepts are highlighted as follows:

President Ma's Speech

1. The main graphics integrates the image of Taipei 101 to represent the city in which the event is held and to strengthen foreign VIPs' impression of Taiwan.  A yellow hint of light is added to further suggest the forum's significance as parallel to that of the sun, bringing well-being to all.

2. By implementing the mountain/cloud elements from traditional Chinese paintings, the graphic exhibits the imagery of a long journey taken by our dear guests.  On top of the mountains stands a martial artist, who represents the idea of interaction through sparring.

3. The supplemental peony image has the traditional connotation of fortune and well-being, and is applied to all personnel's bags and identification cards as blessings.

Event Design