Taipei World Design Expo 2011

The poster series was made for the "Ingenuity Follows Nature|Yang-Tze Tong x Asian poster design and Cultural-Creative Cross-Industrial Exhibition" brought about by Mr. Aaron Chen and Mr. Freeman Liu. 40 designers from Taiwan, China, Korea and Japan were invited to create posters according to the 24 characters/phrases scripted by calligraphy master Ms. Yang-Tze Tong and to co-exhibit in the Taipei World Design Congress. Kazumasa Nagai, Kenya Hara, Tai-keung Kan, Apex Lin, Kumnam Baik and other internationally renowned masters were included in the invitation list. I truly appreciate the invitation from curator Aaron Chen so that I have the honor to cooperate with and the chance to learn from these senior masters.

Emptiness and Fullness was awarded by DFA 2012

To convey my feelings and the awe-inspiring philosophical attitude in Master Tong's calligraphy work, the six works were created under the concept of "Ingenuity beyond the world, and the nature between the real and unreal" attempted to portray real boundaries between virtual spaces, and to connect the spaces of nothingness to actual moments.

The Process of Foiling

In order to capture the misty fun between reality and imagination, I chose to bronze and brand the snow-branded paper produced by Junn Yang Paper. This paper becomes transparent after heated by hot stamping plate; the branded graphics vividly breathing on the paper when placed in front of the light even though it appears to be nothing but a plain white paper under normal circumstances. The hallow-branding technique and the required specification are not common, that I wouldn't have found Hong-Fu Bronze Plant in Shezi, which is capable of branding such a large layout, without the introduction from the paper supplier. The branding wasn't a fun process, fortunately, with the help of Mr. Huang, the boss of bronze factory; finally we achieved the desired result after experimenting under a high temperature over 40°C for days.