The Centennial Conference of CIE (Chinese Institute of Engineers)

Esteemed both domestically and internationally, the Chinese Institute of Engineers (CIE) celebrates its 100th year with this international conference and contracts Department of Commercial and Industrial Design at National Taiwan University of Science and Technology for all event-related designs.

Event Design

Considering the history, achievements, and the future goals of CIE, the designs are created to communicate both past reflections and future aspirations.  Utilizing the tallest building in Taiwan, the Taipei 101, as the base image, and the gears to suggest the inner character of the architectural wonder, the combined image is then reflected to form the geometric shape of a diamond, which resembles the original logo of CIE.  With the addition of the golden colors and firework-like supplemental graphics, these geometric designs give off a strong sense of celebration, strength, and energy.  Furthermore, by covering the event hall with prints over 4.5 meters in height and 17 meters in width, the space is transformed into a palace-like ballroom from an ordinary lecture hall.  With limited budget but unlimited creativity, this event design marks another glorious moment in CIE's history.

Presentation Board Design

Items included in this event design are: event website, invitation card, envelope, outdoor signs, direction signs, stage backboards, reception backboard, banquet stage backboard, booklet, bag, and ID cards.