“Our Travel” and “Wish Lantern” Both Win Gold Awards

New Design Waves in NTUST Spark Exotic and New Ideas


The convergence of exotic culture has sparked some creative ideas. The work, “My/her/our Journey”, made by Guan Pei Xuan, a graduate student from Department of Industrial and Commercial Design of National Technology University of Science and Technology, and Cynthia Douaiher, a student from Pratt Design College with cross-cultural design techniques, has won gold award in the group of commercial design. The work, “Wish,” made by Li Chih Hsin, a fifth-grade student from Design Undergraduate of NTUST, and Chandni Kabra, an Indian graduate student from IIT Bombay, also won gold award in the group of industrial design.

The workshop, “New Wave, Cultural Gene Transfer” and “ADA (Asia Design Alliance)” jointly organized by Commatrix and the Department of Industrial and Commercial Design of NTUST, just ended. One of the characteristics of the workshop is that Taiwanese students cooperate with international students to come up with designs with international style and local cultural outlook. The organizer invites some judges composed of international guests to choose gold, silver, bronze and honorable mention of industrial design group and commercial design group respectively. CEO of Commatrix, Regina Wang, indicated that, in terms of design, Taiwanese students are creative while international students are prudent, which altogether sparks more creative ideas.

Students from more than 16 countries including France, Germany, Czech, Hungary, The United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, Korea and Spain participated in NTUST workshop. The number of Taiwanese students and international students combined exceeded 200 people. That’s why the workshop is seen as the biggest design workshop in Asia. The international students invited to Taiwan all come from design departments of leading universities. Among 172 applicants, 24 potential students were chosen. The acceptance rate was approximately 14%. The acceptance rate was as low as the rate of getting into the leading graduate school of design in Taiwan. At the occasion of the opening of the workshop on August 6th, Economy minister Chia-Juch Chang was invited to deliver a speech, in which he recognized NTUST students’ excellent performance in the international design competition. The minister’s visit shows that our government attaches great importance to the training of industrial designers.

The workshop opening had brought together some giants from government and industry, which altogether sparks some creative design ideas.


Guan Pei Xuan, a graduate student from Department of Industrial and Commercial Design of NTUST, and Cynthia Douaiher, a student from Pratt Institute admire each other’s design style, and they become partners.

During the workshop, Cynthia Douaiher was very interested in Taiwanese temples and night markets. She also asked Guan Pei Xuan to show her around by motorcycle. Their memories about this travel were recorded into a book. They also came up with an idea to make a creative poster which consists of their travel memories, lifestyle, creative complementary cooperation, and photographs. On the poster, Guan Pei Xuan’s left face was replaced by Cynthia Douaiher’s. They clasped their hands with devout faith and the work “My/her/our Journey” was completed.

Steven Lee, a fifth-grade student from the Creative Design Department of NTUST works with an Indian student Chandni Kabra, who is now pursuing a master degree in Interaction Design from the Industrial Design Centre of IIT Bombay. Their design “Wish” combines Taiwanese lantern flying and Indian fire worship; the unique wish lantern can be a souvenir or a decoration. Utilizing the concept of lantern flying, the work is designed into the shape of flame. The core creativity comes from a disappearing ink pen. The prayer written with the ink pen on the lantern will finally disappear due to high temperature, and the secrets on the lantern will thus disappear with the burning of the candle. Li Chih Hsin said “secrets are always hidden in the hearts of people”. In the process of design, traditional candles were not light enough so they turn to use three special Indian flame candles made of tallow to solve this problem, which skillfully combines the cultures of two countries.

In addition, to inspire students’ creativity, the workshop also arranged several keynote speeches. The keynote speech “Design school, the new incubators the new entrepreneurship” was delivered by Christian Guillemin, chairman of the Cumulus union. In the speech, he mentioned that design derives from people’s needs. Young designer must be visionary, thinking about the potential design which may be popular in the next ten years. He also mentioned that designers are not just designers; they must understand design process from the marketing perspective. He called upon the design community to nurture and train new design and management talents. Albert Ng, vice director of Icograda, used the concept of “RE” to suggest that all design should be integrated into culture and be redesigned into a new piece of work.