Archives Vs Media - A fusion in art and design

Creative workshop with archives being transformed by new media, all the way from ARTCHIVIUMlab

The role of design graduates of Taiwan Tech has become more and more important everyday as Taiwan Tech has recently been ranked #1 worldwide for the high quality and expertise of its design college. We had the honor of inviting ARTCHIVIUMlab from the UK to present our students with a 2-day exciting event titled Archives Vs Media - A fusion in art and design. Through such an international exchange event we hope to raise the level of excellence and creativity of Taiwan Tech design students up a notch.


Jhava Chikli, our lecturer for this 2-day event, is a professional designer specializing in media design and movement in photography. One of Jhava's main interests is to explore and research the story-telling aspect of various new media, and apply them with "archives" - documents, data, figures or any other information in different forms. To challenge her skills, she once gave some very old data from a museum archive a brand new visual sensation with the use of new media and technology. ARTCHIVIUMlab was co-founded by Jhava and her partner, Melanie Rozencwajg, with studios in London and Paris.

Day 1 - The Lecture

During the 3-hr lecture, Jhava showed Taiwan Tech students (from the Industrial and Commercial Design Dept.) different artwork of ARTCHIVIUMlab over the years, along with the thinking process of the artwork, from creation to finish. Images of Jhava's draft and thinking process have inspired new ideas and innovation in our students' thoughts. It was a very educational and informative afternoon.

Day 2 - Workshop

During the course of the workshop, Jhava taught our design students how to derive elements of creativity from some very old photographs and process them into short animated films by using App on smartphones or tablets. Moreover, the invention of cloud makes it easy for public sharing and viewing online.